mastering the art of community marketing

Create a 12-Month Plan For Real Estate Success!


Community marketing has changed the lives of the people who have implemented it successfully—and we know it can change yours too.

We’re Marguerite Martin and Alyssa Christensen and we have been perfecting our method of attracting great clients for years, and now we want to share it with you!

We’re excited to share ALL of our knowledge on how to create a dynamic, successful 12-month community-focused marketing plan for your real estate business. In this course, we cover everything that brokerages, teams, and single agents need to know to develop, create, and implement a year-long marketing plan.

What will I learn in this course?

We show you exactly (and we mean exactly—get ready to dive deep into this stuff!) how to:

  • Create a website that serves as a go-to resource for your community and generates a stready pipeline of business that comes from nurturing and interacting with that community.
  • Determine what to include in your 12-month content plan.
  • Create different types of content (with a special focus on webpages, blogging, videos, and podcasting). 
  • Get as many people as possible to see the content you create.
  • Create and stick to an annual budget for content.

…and so much more!

What’s included in this course?

We know that creating and implementing a 12-month plan can sound daunting, but don’t worry—we break down each component to make it easy to understand and take real action on.

This course includes:

9 lessons that are jam-packed with information  

Each of the 9 sessions includes:

  • A informative video about the topic at hand. We recommend watching the video first to get an overview about the particular module.
  • An in-depth written portion that is absolutely packed with information, including step by step guides and diagrams to help you understand everything. We recommend diving into this section after the video and keeping it on hand for future reference.
  • Real-life examples of each type of content being used by brokerages, teams, and real estate agents with thriving businesses.

A workbook that will help you organize and develop your unique content plan

The workbook includes:

  • Exercises to help you make your way through each lesson step by step. This workbook is specifically designed to help you map out and develop your 12-month community marketing plan from the ground up. These worksheets are also helpful in that you can share them with your team and anyone you may hire to help you with the process so they can better understand your overall strategy.
  • A 12-month content plan that’s ready for you to fill in with your own content ideas.

To get the most out of this course, we highly recommend completing the entire workbook and keep it on-hand to reference later.

Lesson 1: How This Works & What You Need to Know Before You Get Started

In this first section, we delve more into what community marketing is all about. We address fears or concerns you may have, we help you identify key elements of your business and brand, and we share some agents who are doing this whole “community marketing thing” really well!

Lesson 2: Our Philosophy of Content & How to Create a 12-Month Content Plan

In this lesson we dive into how to create top-notch real estate content, our criteria for evaluating content, finding the voice behind your content, and how to determine what your content should be.

Lesson 3: Website Anatomy: Pages, Blog Posts, Podcasts, Guides, & More!

For this whole community-focused content marketing thing to work… you’re going to need a website! Figuring out what your website will include is integral to creating, developing, and understanding your content plan.

Lesson 4. Taking a Deep Dive on Website Pages

In this lesson we include our recommendations for different types of web pages to include on your website. We also discuss what goes into creating each type of page, and tips for how to make the most of each page. 

Lesson 5: Deep Dive into Blogging

In this lesson, we explore a few different types of blog posts you can include on your website and what should go into making each one a valuable piece of content. 

Lesson 6: Other Types of Content (Videos, Podcasts, & Livestreams)

In addition to your standard website and blog content, there are a few other fantastic types of content we highly recommend integrating into your community marketing strategy. In this lesson, we go over different types of videos, in addition to podcasts, livestreams, and more.

Lesson 7: In Order For This to Work, You’ll Need a Website

There’s a lot of mixed messages out there about what makes a great website for a real estate agent. We go over the different types of websites and talk about what REALLY makes a website attract great clients (hint: it’s NOT IDX!).

Lesson 8: Distribution

Having great content is one thing, but how do you get people to actually find it!? We walk you through our strategy for getting your content found on Google, social media, and more.

Lesson 9: How Are People Actually Doing All of This???

Implementation is where a LOT of real estate agents (and even brokerages!) really struggle to succeed. We go over strategies for consistently implementing your plan and share case studies of agents who are doing it well (and lessons they’ve learned along the way!).

This course is for:

  • single real estate agents, teams, and brokerages
  • agents who are ready to build a pipeline full of real estate clients the non-traditional way
  • agents who want to attract clients you actually like and clients who already like, know, and trust you and your brand
  • agents who want to create a sustainable real estate business that is based on delivering value to potential clients long before they even know they need a real estate agent
  • agents who want to create a real connection to their communities


Change how you attract business and you will change your life

There are agents and brokerages in the real estate business who are succeeding by being genuine, offering real value to their audience, and making real connections with their communities. This course is all about how to attract great clients that are a pleasure to work with. Community marketing is a proven way to create a gushing pipeline of clients who like and trust you.

How do I actually take the course?

There are several ways to navigate this course, but no matter which way you choose, you’ll want to first print out the workbook PDF that we’ve included. 

In each lesson, we recommend watching the video, reading the written content, and then tackling the corresponding section of the workbook.

As far as how you make your way through the course, that is up to you! Here are a few different ways you might choose to take the course:

  • You (and your team!) might choose to sit down for an entire day and go through every single video, read through each session, and complete every worksheet.
  • You might decide just to work through one lesson per day a few times a week.
  • If you’re the marketing manager at a brokerage, maybe you take the course and then share what you learned and how to implement it with your team.

Whatever your style may be, this course is designed to suite any pace. Plus, you can return to the course absolutely anytime to reference the material and resources! This is a resource you can reference again and again for years to come.

What if I don’t like the course?

Oh no! We don’t want that! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you submit the completed workbook along with your request.


Attract a steady stream of clients you love with our step-by-step guide to community marketing!

Get ready to attract amazing clients!
$2,497 Lifetime Access

Create a 12-Month Plan For Real Estate Success!

Mastering the Art of Community Marketing Online Course
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“We started with a website already in place, and this course is absolutely applicable and full of valuable tools for us. The 9 lessons are helping to clarify our vision, develop our communication style, and enrich our content plan. The confident, energetic, lighthearted tone of the course keeps us in the right frame of mind as we dig into our 12-month community marketing plan. It’s fun, concise, encouraging, and constructive!”

REALTOR® Michael Duggan

“The methodology that Marguerite & Alyssa present has been invaluable to my business. When I started doing community market, it was very raw and I wasn’t sure how to amp it up. I listened and truly implemented most everything they were preaching. Their tools took my business to a level I didn’t think I would hit for years. Going back through their workbook & videos, I keep picking up gems that I forgot to add to my site. The items that I didn’t focus on immediately, I am now gong back to add to my marketing. I’m kicking myself for now following it completely when I started. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their genius approach to engage and be the master of your community.”

REALTOR® Leslie Heindel

“I am in the weeds on this course and absolutely love it! It is jam-packed with so much information. The courses are easy to digest, actionable and set you up with a foundation for success as the markets shift. I highly recommend it to anyone who is building a career in real estate and creating a brand that gives value to their community. Marguerite has been available for questions and responsive to emails when I’ve asked questions or needed advice—there are a million courses out there, this one actually delivers on valuable content and you’ll reap the rewards if you put in the WORK! Slow clap for these ladies, thank you!”

REALTOR® Paige Schulte

“This program is worth the effort, whether you are a single agent or a team like ours doing a high volume of transactions.  It is both comprehensive in scope, yet was easy to follow and clearly explained. We loved the videos that accompany each section.”

REALTOR® Matt Hume

“When you dive into this course you not only get practical advice from two super smart women who do this stuff for a living (create content that is!) but you also get a roadmap for implementation. Thanks to their fun videos and the easily digestible format, you might actually enjoy the process too!”

REALTOR® Anne Jones

Get ready to attract amazing clients!
$2,497 Lifetime Access

Create a 12-Month Plan For Real Estate Success!

Mastering the Art of Community Marketing Online Course
Full Details